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A Little Direction

It occurs to me that as much as I love all types of movies there are a few movie directors whose films I love almost all of (most of them have maybe one or two I don't care for). So here are my favorites…
5- Rob Zombie- Sure, some of his work is like an LSD trip in a haunted house but 'Devil's Rejects' was genius. Favorite: Devil's Rejects
4- The Coen Brothers- The inventors of the quirky crime film. Favorite: Fargo (though I have yet to see True Grit)
3- John Carpenter- We owe the modern slasher film to him. Plus he created Snake Plissken. Favorite: Halloween
2- Kevin Smith- The man's a genius with comedy. Favorite: Clerks II
1- Quentin Tarantino- The guy who made homage cool. Favorite: Kill Bill