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Buffy Buffy Buffy

Having caught an episode of Buffy on TV the other, I was thinking about just how much I love this show. So many memorable characters, great dialogue and awesome monsters. So I got to thinking about each season and what I like about. So here are my favorite Buffy episodes by season.
Season 1- "Prophecy Girl"- The season 1 finale was a hint of things to come. A showdown with the Big Bad. Plus Buffy dies for the first time.
Season 2- "Becoming"- The two-part season finale (I promise they aren't all season finales). Buffy sends Angel to Hell. It brings a tear to my eye.
Season 3- "Band Candy"- A stand alone episode that featured magically enchanted fundraiser candy reverting adults to their teenaged mindsets. Highlights include Buffy's mom crushing on a very punk rock Giles and Principal Snyder showing that he was as much a weasel as a kid as his was as an adult.
Season 4- "Hush"- I love every season of this show but this was probably the weakest season. "Hush", however, stands apart for it's stellar performances, introduction of Tara and creepy villains The Gentlemen.
Season 5- "The Body"- A very non-supernatural Buffy. The one where Buffy discovers her mother's dead body and the grief that follows. It tore me up at the time.
Season 6- "Once More With Feeling"- The musical episode. As a musical fan I really dug this episode. Plus it served as a great showcase for the singing talents of James Marsters, Anthony Head and Amber Benson. Not to mention having some of the funniest Anya moments ever.
Season 7- "Conversations With Dead People"- Almost picked 'The Storyteller' here for showcasing Andrew but 'Conversations' was an emotional firecracker. Dawn think she is talking to her dead mom and Willow thinks she is talking to her dead girlfriend Tara but both turn out to be mind games played by the season's Big Bad, The First.

Obviously there are other great episodes- "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", "Dopplegangland", "Buffy vs. Dracula", "Fool For Love" and "The Storyteller" just to name a few.