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In Brightest Day…

I had a great thought today. This is MY blog so I can write about whatever I want in it. If you don't like it, at least you have comics to look at.
So today I'm going to briefly talk about why Green Lantern is my favorite super-hero. It doesn't hurt that it's all green and green is my favorite color. Then there's the power ring. All his power derives from a weapon that every single time he uses it he has to put forth a supreme effort of will. So the thing that he makes look so easy it took all the willpower Green Arrow had to barely make it work once. So Green Lantern is ALWAYS trying. Which I like. The ring lets him fly, wraps him in an impenetrable force field, translates alien languages for him, acts as a really tiny all-knowing Wikipedia and, best of all, allows him to form constructs of light in any shape or size he wants. And that provides unending visual possibilities for the artists that draw him.
Another thing I like about him is that he's the best of them. Hal Jordan, the best known Green Lantern, has outshone the numerous other bearers of the name Green Lantern to stand out as the best one. And the reason he's so cool? The journey. He began as a rookie in the Green Lantern Corps and was trained by the guy who would become his greatest enemy, Sinestro. He spent years as Green Lantern, being replaced twice, before finally going mad when his home town is destroyed by a super-villain. He was possessed by the fear entity Parallax, tried to re-order the universe, got shot by his best friend, sacrificed his life to reignite the sun and became God's spirit of vengeance all before becoming The Green Lantern again. What a ride.
I also love the tons of other colored Lantern Corps, the great villains he has and the fact that my favorite superhero is fast becoming lots of people's favorite due to the great storylines and upcoming movie.