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I keep hearing rumors that there will be a new Indiana Jones movie. Despite the shortcomings of the last one it was great to see Indy in action again so I hope that the rumors are true. They've done the Ark of the Covenant, The Shankara Stones, The Holy Grail and the Crystal Skull of Akator. I had a couple of ideas for other stories…
– Indiana Jones and the Isle of the Dead- The Isle of the Dead (also known as Avalon) is (according to myth) the final resting place of King Arthur. So I figured a movie where Jones goes there searching for Excalibur (Arthur's famous sword) would be really cool.
– Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny- This may have been done in the comics but The Spear of Destiny is supposedly the spear used to stab Jesus while he was crucified. It's appeared in stories ever since (including DC Comics, where the spear was said to have the power to keep superheroes out of World War II). It's just the type of biblical item the Indy films specialize in.
– Indiana Jones and the Hammer of the Gods- Sending Jones to the cold Nordic countries in search of Mjolnir (the fabled hammer of the Norse god Thor) could lead to all kinds of interesting story ideas (zombie vikings, hidden ice cities etc).