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In honor of today's wrestling-themed comic, I decided to list my favorite wrestling finishers of all time.
1- The Canadian Destroyer (Petey Williams)- I had to watch it in slow motion a ton of times. It's amazing to behold. I guess 'Canadian Destroyer' was easier to remember than 'Forward Somersault Jumping Piledriver'
2- The Stone Cold Stunner (Stone Cold Steve Austin)- Probably because it's so quick and you never know WHO is going to get hit with it. Austin even hit the stunner on Santa Claus.
3- The Razor's Edge (Razor Ramon)- The actual guy was a tool but the Razor's Edge (renamed the Outsider's Edge in WCW) looked like a crucifixion. Sweet looking move.
4- The Van Terminator (Rob Van Dam)- A sitting missle drop kick from the top rope all the way to the other ringpost. Pretty sweet.
5- The Acid Drop/The Dudley Dog (Spike Dudley)- The Acid Drop in ECW became The Dudley Dog in WWE. Just fun to watch little Spike execute this move on big guys.