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The DCNu that should Be

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the DC Universe is being rebooted later this year with all of their comics starting over at #1. Some titles are being cancelled while other new ones are being introduced (like a Justice League International book and a new take on Hawkman). Here are a few underused DC properties that could use the reboot treatment or just flat out get their own title.
– The All-Star Squadron- A WWII era superteam that not only included the heavy hitters of the Justice Society but odd little-known characters like The Red Bee and The Red Torpedo.
– Stargirl- She had a run on the Stars and STRIPE title and came to prominence in the JSA book but the newest bearer of the Cosmic Rod and Gravity Belt should get her own book. Perhaps one focusing on teenaged superhero hijink (and co-starring her best friend Cyclone).
– Shazam- The character of Captain Marvel (and all of his ancillary characters) are dying for a seminal ground-breaking work all their own. It's time to bring in top notch writers and artists to bring life to Captain Marvel, Black Adam and the whole crazy Fawcett Comics crew.