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The Video Shelf

As a child, my life was shaped by the movies on my movie shelf. The movies I saw the most were the ones we owned (generally recorded off of free HBO weekends). And while I would usually get to see the good new releases in the theater, we didn't really own them. So here are the movies we did have and that influenced my movie taste.
Pete's Dragon- Probably my favorite 'kid's movie'. I loved the music in this movie as a kid. I still love this movie, even though a good friend of mine doesn't like it because everybody in the movie is dirty.
Raiders of the Lost Ark- I loved this movie and lived for the snake pit scene and the face melting scene.
Superman- The original was the only one we owned. Which is fine because I think it's the best, even though Superman II ranks a close second. To this day I still get that special feeling when I hear the theme song.
Star Wars Trilogy- We had all of them but the tape containing the first two had a band-aid on it. I don't know why.
Goonies- I can quote nearly this whole movie thanks to the fact that we owned it. And I can do the Truffle Shuffle.
Grease- Another one I know all the words to. And I love to sing it when nobody is watching.
Mary Poppins- A great kids movie that I loved and that always made me want to live in London.