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I used to love Veruca Salt. The band, not the whiny rich girl from the Willy Wonka films.
I miss them too. After two and a half albums (American Thighs, Eight Arms To Hold You and the Blow It Out Your Ass It's Veruca Salt EP), the duo of Nina Gordon and Louise Post split up (over reasons that, rumor has it, make the rock soap opera of Fleetwood Mac seem light by comparison), I was bummed out. Nina Gordon went on to release two really good solo albums while Louise Post reformed Veruca Salt with new members. And while I love Gordon's solo stuff and a couple of the second Veruca Salt's songs were good, I miss the early lineup. I'm not one of the type of people to get really worked up over music but the early Veruca Salt stuff made me love music in a way that only the work of the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Kasey Chambers ever has.
I miss them.