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Seeing as how it's 5:50 a.m. and I nearly forgot to blog today I will just do a quick list. Batman has so many great villains. Perhaps the best Rogue's Gallery in all of comics. But he has also had some real stinkers. The Top 5 Worst Batman Villains:
5) Captain Stingaree- A pirate-themed villain. Later revealed to be dating number 4…
4) The Cavalier- Another pirate-themed villain. Both of these guys had two powers: Being annoying and waving a sword around.
3) Killer Moth- A guy in purple striped leggings, a green helmet and orange wings who flies. Lame.
2) Crazy Quilt- A guy with a flashing helmet that hypnotizes people. And one of the worst villain names ever.
1) Kite Man- Commits crimes uses kites and hang gliders. I mean, what's next? Handkerchief Man? Lace Doily Man?