Frequently Asked QuestionsWith Rob, Eric, and Keith.

Frequently Asked Questions with rob, eric and keith!

Here's the Deal:

Having this disgustingly popular comic ain't easy. We often get the same questions... over... and over. On this page, we take the time to put your inquisitive mind at ease. If you've got a question you'd like to be answered here, just mail it to me and chances are, we won't answer it. But you'll at least get the satisfaction that you tried.

  • Question: Can I be in a comic?
  • Rob's Answer: YOU can be in a comic as soon as I can be in YOUR comic.
  • Question: WHY NOT??? It'll be funny, come on.
  • Rob's Answer: You're not funny. Hell, sometimes we're not funny. It isn't worth the risk
  • Question: What if I send you naked pictures?
  • Rob's Answer: Send first. Negotiations made if boobular enough.
  • Question: Why are there only four panels per comic?
  • Eric's Answer: Cuts down on insurance costs.
  • Question: What was up with that comic with the asian guy in the background and then the last panel has this pixel guy standing there?
  • Keith's Answer: That was a little inside joke. If you look around the forum or follow some links, you might eventually figure out what it is.
  • Question: Why do you guys pick on blacks, asians, goths, etc..?
  • Rob's Answer: Go ahead and pick one of these four:
    1. We're just jealous.
    2. We're more afraid of them then they are of us.
    3. We are secretly a collaboration of every character.
    4. They made us.
  • Question: What do you use to draw your comic?
  • Eric's Answer: I use good ol' Flash 5, and goats blood. Lots and lots of goats blood.
  • Question: Can I draw a guest comic?
  • Rob's Answer: Sure! You can draw a puppy dog riding your mother's sweet ass for all we care.
  • Question: Can my character have more than 6 character classes, even though he gets a 20% experience penalty for each one after the first?
  • Keith's Answer: Yes, but it is not recommended. At 6 classes, you have a 100% penalty, which makes you pretty useless to begin with. But, once you go beyond 6, you have more than 100% percent penalties. Every day your character wakes up, he must roll a D4, and then multiply that number by the percentage above 100% (ex. 120% is a D6 x 20). The result is how much damage you take each day. If you die from this roll, you are automatically revived with one health, and you are assigned to the Bum Class and are reduced to level one. If you prefer, at this time you can roll a D4, and on a 4 you can switch to the more powerful Drifter Class instead, but all penalties remain the same.
  • Question: You have offended me with one of your wacky jokes concerning a stereotype I unfortunately fit into. What can I do to let you know this, and make you care?
  • Rob's Answer: You could always try suicide. If that doesn't grab our attention, we'll see you in hell (from heaven).
  • Question: Where can I find this comic in French?
  • Eric's Answer: Over there. *points*