Oh man, are you in for a treat.

Many complained that MM didn't go out with a big bang. Many people didn't get to see that we did. (other than the final comic on this CD, of course.) As a horribly funny and ironic joke -- the minute I decided I wanted to end the website, I replaced it with this image. SO MANY PEOPLE BOUGHT IT. I can only imagine how many people emailed Hot Topic. Several people emailed me expressing their condolences and backings, many offered to never shop at Hot Topic and someone even started a petition against it. So get this...a concerned Hot Topic president emails me:

Dear Eric:
My name is Jerry Cook. I am the President of Hot Topic. Recently, we have received a few emails referencing the fact that Hot Topic has taken some legal action against

As you know, that is not the case. I am sure that this is a misunderstanding and would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how to clear this up.

I appreciate you taking the time to run me down.

My email is My phone number is (censored so I don't get arrested).

Thanks for your help...I look forward to talking with you.


Jerry Cook.

Naturally I looked into it and it was totally real, from to his phone number. I like how he just calls it "a few emails". A few...HUNDRED! And thanks for getting the domain name right. What did he mean by "I appreciate you taking the time to run me down"?

Well, I didn't talk to him. But this proves that we are awesome....and if MM ever had a goal, it would be to educate the masses on the evil of Hot Topic, and goddamn we achieved that goal. STICK IT TO THE MAN!

- Eric