Case File #1

The Adventure of the Rhodes Scholar

Thank you for checking out Sherlock Holmes' latest mystery. I hope that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would enjoy it or at the very least not rollover in his grave, after reading it.I would also like the thank my very talented partner, Jamie Noguchi, for creating the brilliant artwork you see before you. Sherlock Holmes has never looked better or smug.
-Steve Napierski-

Steve didn’t know I was a big Holmes fan when he brought up the idea for this series, but I’ve never said YES to something so quickly. I listened to a lot of old time radio shows growing up and Sir John Gielgud was my first introduction to the great detective. His voice solidified the image of Sherlock in my brain for years to come.

I’m pretty much a fan of most versions of Sherlock including the BBC series, the CBS reimagining, the various movies, House, Basil Rathbone so to get a chance to put a fun twist on the character with Steve was a shot I couldn’t throw away.

Hope you all enjoy what we’ve put together. We’re having entirely too much fun.

-Jamie Noguchi-