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A Song

Today, while at work, I was listening to a song I like, "Nothing But Flowers" by the Talking Heads. There's a line in the song, 'Years ago I was an angry young man.'
It occurred to me that this might be true in the case of most people, but has worked exactly the opposite for me. Every year that passes I get grumpier and grumpier. I went from an idealistic and lazy youth to the jaded, lazy and grumpy adult I am now. I find myself possessing less and less tolerance for the stupidity of others. I find myself yelling when I'm stuck in traffic and banging my fists against the steering wheel, even though logic dictates it does no good. I find myself disgruntled by every member of my gender who is better looking, smarter or more interesting than me. I find I have less ability to contain my smart-alecky comments.
And the weirdest part? I find myself increasingly amused by how grumpy I get. My bad attitude towards others makes me feel lots better. I wish I knew why that was.