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Back From The Minors

I am a zombie for DC Comics. I love, love, love the DC Universe and it's characters. And they have an uncanny knack for taking minor and background characters and making them big time (witness their great work with Booster Gold). Here are some minor DC Characters that could top-tier.
– Black Alice- A magic-based goth teenager who can mimic the magic powers of others.
– Fire- A Brazilian model with the power to fly and project green flames. She has been featured in Justice League (the old funny one) and Checkmate but could be an icon. Especially if paired with her best friend Ice.
– Anarky- A true anarchist. A vigilante teenager with a nigh inscrutable moral code.
– The All-Star Squadron- 1940's DC has so many untapped characters that were only mildly explored in the All-Star Squadron series (Red Bee, Red Torpedo, Robotman, Captain Triumph, Neon The Unknown, King, The Whip, TNT)