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Bad, Bad, Bad

Today I was thinking about movies that I like that I KNOW are terrible. What compels me to watch these cinematic monstrosities? Oftentimes it is just a nostalgic feeling. As a kid I had no idea these movies were as bad as they are.
– Howard The Duck- The movie that made me write this post. It's bad. It is the complete antithesis of the source material. But I like it. Plus it's the one movie that makes me lust after Lea Thompson.
– Joe Dirt- This movie operates on the principle that if you watch something on basic cable enough times you will eventually enjoy it. I enjoy this movie against my will.
– Jackie Brown- It's the one Quentin Tarantino movie that I KNOW is terrible. But it's got two things I like: Samuel L. Jackson saying all his dialogue very loudly and Bridget Fonda in a bikini top.