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Comic Movie Cameos

Having witnessed the awesomeness that was 'X-Men:First Class' I got to think about cool movie cameos in superhero movies. Here are the five best.
5. Stan Lee (every marvel movie)- Has cameod as a postman, a clueless pedestrian, a guy driving a truck and a guy who drinks tainted juice. Every Marvel movie now has me scanning to Stan The Man's cameo.
4. Robert Downey Jr. (The Incredible Hulk)- Cameod as his 'Iron Man' character Tony Stark at the end of this one. Just one of the small things they did to build up the Marvel Movie Universe.
3. Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight)- A small part as his 'Batman Begins' villain The Scarecrow. This movie already had tons of great performances but it was nice to see Murphy just the same. He is an immensely entertaining actor.
2. Hugh Jackman (X-Men:First Class)- Reprising the role of Wolverine just long enough to drop an F-Bomb on Magneto and Professor X.
1. Samuel L. Jackson (Iron Man)- The cameo was after the credits. Jackson cameoed as Nick Fury, super spy extraordinaire. The 'Ultimates' comic series had already portrayed Fury as looking like Jackson so this was a real treat. The best part? He came back for part 2 and will be in Avengers.