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Short because I am tired. Top Three horror movie crossovers I'd love to see.
JASON VS. LEATHERFACE- There was a comic miniseries years ago by Topps comics that had a great idea. Jason wanders away from Crystal Lake and is taken in by the Sawyer family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Eventually they come to blows but the idea of Jason and Leatherface as "brothers" makes me chuckle.
FREDDY VS.WISHMASTER- Both have the ability to warp their own realities. So seeing these two come up with increasingly weird things to fight each other with would be awesome.
KING KONG VS. JURASSIC PARK- The new King Kong movie proved that King Kong knows how to lay down the pain on dinosaurs. So set him loose in Jurassic Park and have him viciously murder scores of dinosaurs. Even the friendly plant-eating ones.
(If I could have come up with a way for Donkey Kong to battle King Kong I would have put that instead)