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Many of my blogs will begin with this line, 'As I get older…'
So as I get older I find that I am less and less susceptible to fads. Like many my age, I spent the 90's wearing flannel shirts which, while a fad, was an incredible COMFORTABLE fad. But as time went on I feel as if I just had little to no interest in fads. I've watched friends and associates cycle through fad after fad. From girls in giant multi-buckled boots and elastic hair extensions to the current steampunk fad which has many a hipster investing in top hats and goggles. Maybe I'm too stingy for fads. I've watched my roommate buy and abandon so many pieces of clothing, hair products and accessories that he could open a bizarre Salvation Army filled with wallpaper-esque leavings of his metrosexual phase and the remnants of his Captain Jack pirates phase. And now it's all brown and goggles and mad scientists.
Sure I'd like to join in the fun and be like everyone else but what will i do with all the stuff I buy when the forthcoming Giant Purple Teddy Bear Costume phase is over?
I'm too poor to be cool.