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That's right, Gallagher. The watermelon-smashing guy. I love Gallagher. Shut up.
For today's blog I decided to just share a bit of information with my readers. Sort of a fun fact. A few years after Gallagher (real name Leo Gallagher) really hit it big with his act and started playing big venues his brother Ron Gallagher (who looks a lot like him) got permission to tour and perform in small clubs using Gallagher's old routines and (of course) the Sledge-O-Matic watermelon routine. Apparently Leo had agreed to this in order to help his shiftless brother finally start earning some money and stipulated that all advertisements for his show explicitly state that it was not the real Gallagher performing. After a couple years Ron began to leave it open to interpretation whether or not it was the real Gallagher performing, sometimes being billed as Gallagher Too. Leo gets sick of this and sues his brother. All to be expected, but here's the kicker. The judge ruled not only damages to Leo but stated that Ron could no longer impersonate Leo and could not GROW A MUSTACHE! That's right, he was legally prohibited from growing a flavor savor.
My question is this. Could he grow one if it was part of a goatee/mustache combo? Or was he doomed to a lifetime of the Abe Lincoln look?