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Game Sequels I Would Love To See

– Advance Wars 3DS- Playing Advance wars on the GBA and DS made me love this series. Throw in some 3D maps and I'd buy this game in a heartbeat.
– Grand Theft Auto 5: London- They did London with one of the old top-down view games but now in the 3D generation I'd like to see a 60's style crime-filled London GTA
– Actraiser 3- It was a good concept. A platformer/RPG hybrid. The problem was, it was too short. Give it a full upgrade and this game could be epic.
– Star Wars: Rebellion II- A real-time strategy game. If given the full 2011 treatment, it could waste hours of my life.
– Ultima: Quest of the Avatar II- The game based your starting character/class on a series of moral dilemmas. Again, an idea that could be great with next gen graphics. Take Fable's choice based fantasy idea and apply it to a party of ten or more characters.