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I really like the musical Hair. But whatI wanted to talk about was MY hair.
Currently my hair is scraggly, unkempt and needs to be cut. I usually go for a pretty short hairstyle (due to the recommendations of my friends and family) but I have begun to wonder: should I just let it go? My only real good argument for letting it grow out is that I think it's easy to take care of it makes my ears warm.
But I have three reasons to cut it. First, my size. I'm big. Some would even say overlarge. I'm not entirely sure that long hair isn't just meant for women and really skinny guys. Does a fat guy like me look worse if he grows longer hair?
Second, my hair is starting to gray out a bit. Not obscenely so, but more than a smattering on the right side and a bit in the back. Would going short hide this? Could be.
Third, im thinning in the middle. Sadly, it's the middle of my head and not my middle middle. Short hair might also hide this. It's not real bad yet but I think a mop top might accentuate the approaching hair loss.
I don't know.