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So we're back from MagFest and overall I had a pretty good time. On the plus side, I got to spend some time with Steve and Rich which is always fun. I got to play some vintage arcade games (Popeye, NBA Jam, Terminator 2, Donkey Kong). I got to see a Super Art Fight (which is always good.)
The downside is that we were staying on the same hall as a large group of young annoying people who were up until 4 or 5 two nights in a row making all manner of noise, banging on each other's doors, being loud etc. Now, I generally dislike young people for this very reason. They annoy me. They are loud and they all think they are the funniest pers0n around. Which they aren't. Unfortunately, while Rich and Steve slept right through the noise, I couldn't. And repeated attempts to tell them to shut up only resulted in mere minutes of quiet. And of course the next morning the hallways had trash in them. And a pillow with what looked like vomit on it. I will never understand how some people feel that being away from home gives them license to just go wild and be as rude and loud as possible. Were I a bigger and much more muscular man I would probably have taken more drastic measures.
Damn I hate people.