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On the subject of today's comic (Darth Maul)…
I always thought that Darth Maul was one of the most visually interesting characters in all the Star Wars films. However, 'Phantom Menace' being the story-impaired (but visually gorgeous) thing that it is, Maul isn't given any more to do than act menacing, jump around in lightsaber fights and get cut in half. I feel that if he had been given a better story then the whole film would have benefited. It seems Lucas wanted a different Sith apprentice for each of the prequels and so Darth Maul was never intended to be as interesting a character as he could be. His successor Darth Tyrannus (aka Count Dooku) was also cool. Really, you're at 98% percent awesomeness just by casting Christopher Lee, but imagine if Maul had remained the apprentice all through the second film until finally being killed by Anakin in Episode III. Thats two movies (and some 15-20 years or more story-wise) where he could have been around, serving as a living, breathing reminder that the Sith murdered Qui-Gon Jinn.
Just my thought.