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We all know that Hollywood is out of ideas. The movies I was most looking forward to this year are either based on books or sequels. So in that spirit, here are three books or series I have read that I think would make great movies.
WORLDWAR- A great book series that saw lizard-like aliens attack during World War II. The most interesting aspect is how the humans react, forcing lifelong enemies to become allies and forcing the human race to get clever.
ANNO DRACULA- A great book and a great series (followed by THE BLOODY RED BARON and JUDGEMENT OF TEARS. The first book has Dracula marrying the queen of England and follows a vampire nurse and a human agent of the Diogenes Club tracking down Jack The Ripper. The series features characters from a plethora of other fiction. Including an autopsy performed by Dr. Moreau and Dr. Jekyll.
THE WINTER KING- The first of a trilogy (followed by ENEMY OF GOD and EXCALIBUR) hat takes a realistic view of the Arthurian saga. Filled with great characters who are often quite contrary to how you expect them to be (for example, Lancelot is a giant douchebag and not at all brave).