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New Year

So it's a new year and I plan to (just this one year) actually live up to my resolution. I'm eating healthier and I'm going to start getting some exercise (if I can figure out how to get the mountain bike from my dad's house to here). I've often heard it said that "looks don't matter." I've also heard women say that money isn't important to them. I've learned that only ONE of those things are true at a time, not both simultaneously. SO, that being said. I'm going to do what I call 'Pulling a Donnie' and lose the weight. I'm going to eat healthy and I'm going to do everything in my power to get down to a respectable weight. And despite me kidding above, the reason is NOT women. First off, I don't want to die. Second of all, I had a thought today. My brain is attached to my overweight body so if I lose weight will my creativity and reasoning skills improve? I think so, probably just do to the fact that I will spend less time being lethargic. I don't know. Just the way my brain works.