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One thing that has always interested me are regional restaraunts. It seems that many of my favorite places to eat can only be found elsewhere. Such as:
White Castle- The burgers arent high quality but they are cheap and I think they are delicious. I would smother a baby seal with a pillow if it would get us a White Castle around here.
Crystal- I've heard good things. Supposedly they have the little burgers like White Castle but also have little hot dogs too. Mmmm.
Zino's Pizza- They don't have them around here anymore. There's one near Baltimore that has become the MAIN reason I look forward to going to Otakon with Steve and Rich. Best pizza anywhere, in my opinion.
In And Out Burger- Really supposed to be delicious.
Hot and Now- This one I actually don't know if they exist anymore but they sure were great burgers when they were. Of course when we had one it had a BEEPER store next to it so that should tell you how long ago it was.
Pioneer Pies- This is another one that I'm not sure if it still exists. But when I was a kid in Spokane they had great pies. Or so says the memory of a little kid.