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Today, while working on the comic, I got to thinking about stuff related to the Sonic series and I was giggling because I always like the fact that Tails' real name was Miles Prower (Miles Per Hour… get it?). And in that vein, here are my five favorite video game sidekicks.
5. Tails- Proof that not only hedgehogs can run at supersonic speeds.
4. The Commandos (Baby Commando, Ninja Commando, Mummy Commando)- Sure, they were all playable but everyone knows that Captain Commando was the leader.
3. Luigi- Probably the best known sidekick. He epitomizes sidekick-ness (such as having his own offscreen adventures during the events of Super Paper Mario)
2. Barrett (Final Fantasy VII)- I don't know if he was technically a sidekick but he sure seemed like one. And his gun-arm was sweet.
1. Ashley (Resident Evil 4)- All sidekicks should run around in plaid skirts and be expert lamp-throwers.