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Today it occurred to me that I could probably recite the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing by heart. This thought gave me a great feeling, at once full of shame and pride. And it made me laugh.
And it made me realize something interesting about myself. As I get older I find myself less and less interested in new music. 90% of the music I liked in my past I STILL like. That's why a quick browse through my Ipod would reveal hair metal, show tunes, Australian folk/country, 80's new wave, punk, Weird Al, soul etc. And of course the full catalog of John Hughes soundtrack staples (odd that my love of John Hughes movies never led to the accompanying crush on Molly Ringwald). And I'm not sure it's all an age thing. My much older clown roommate loves new music (granted he only loves it if it's from homoerotic French-Canadian circuses or sepia-toned Steampunk websites). Sure, I'll occasionally find a band that's relatively new for me to enjoy (Sahara Hotnights, Metric etc.) but for the most part using my Ipod is like an all audio episode of Quantum Leap as I jump from the Muppett/John Denver songs of my childhood through to Motley Crue and Warrant (at the time I really wanted the skeezy smoker kids to like me) to Nirvana and Weezer (my high school years) to Johnny Cash (my adult discovery that old style country music is great when you're lonely and miserable) and back again.
My point? There is none. I was just wondering if this happened to others…