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I had no idea what to write about in this newest blog but after reading some new comics today I came up with it. The newest issue of Amazing Spider-man was one of the single best comic issues I have ever read.
Ostensibly it's about Peter Parker (alias Spider-man, duh) attending the funeral of J. Jonah Jameson's wife Marla and then having a nightmare about his own life. The description doesn't do it justice. The handling of Spider-man's supporting cast at the funeral is brilliant and gives a little humanity to Jameson who, while one of comics' greatest characters, can often come off as little more than a joke.
The nightmare half of the issue works on many levels as it not only hearkens to the art style of the early stories but successfully displays Peter's guilt over the people he has failed to save in his past.
A good issue that re-affirms my faith in comics as an art form.