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Top Ten Companions

Another list. I did a list like this back when I was updating The Who Philes website. But here it is
The Top Ten Sexiest Companions On Dr. Who
10) Victoria Waterfield- Very cute.
9) Ace- She gets a bad rap for being a tomboy but I thought she was cute.
8) Romana II- So hot that the guy playing The Doctor married her.
7) Leela- Oh yeah, cave girl with a knife.
6) Peri- The very best reason to watch any of the Sixth Doctor episodes was Peri.
5) Martha Jones- If this list were of the top ten most kickass companions she would rank higher
4) Rose Tyler- The companion of my favorite Doctor (the Ninth)
3) Sarah Jane Smith- Cute as a button.
2) Zoe Heriot- The second sexiest travelled with the Second Doctor. Interesting.
1) Amy Pond- Scottish. And redhead. Seriously, I'd be attracted to an empty soda can if it was a redhead Scot.