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I was thinking about Tron Legacy, a movie I loved. Not only was Quora really, really REALLY hot but the movie was great. Oddly, I didn't really care for the first movie. The look of it was good but beyond that… eh…
So here's a list of my top five favorite sequels that are better than the original.
5- The Godfather II- The original is very good but Robert DeNiro as young Vito Corleone seals this one as better.
4- X2- The sequel to X-Men was bigger and grander than the original and included my all-time favorite X-Man Nightcrawler.
3- Spider-man 2- Alfred Molina as Doc Ock rocked the pretty good first movie (which was hampered only by a Power Rangers mask on the Green Goblin)
2- Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- Beats the heck out of 'Star Trek I: Bald Chicks In Space'
1- The Empire Strikes Back- 'Nuff said.