Bored & Evil comic for June 21, 2004

"The Waiting Is Almost Over"

Soon the day will be upon us and I will be in my local theater geeking out to Spiderman 2. Seriously I can't for this one, I always liked Doc Ock as a villain. I have a feeling they will be doing the Lizard for the third movie but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some of my other favorites like Kraven the Hunter, Hobgoblin or Sandman. Though the perfect scenario for the third one would be turning Harry into the new Green Goblin like they did in the comics.

On another note, you should all read the new Swamp Thing comic by Vertigo. They are taking the elemental thing of the last series and turning it back into a horror comic and I have to tell you, it rocks.

And one last note: soccer hooligans are amusing.