Bored & Evil comic for August 13, 2004


Okay since today is Friday the 13th I guess I can reveal the source of this week's comic for the uninitiated. Ok, so we all know that Jake is based on (and may in fact be) Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th movies. Why Corey Feldman in the second comic? Well, as a young lad, Feldman was in Friday the 13th Part 4, and at the end of the movie he drove a machete through Jason's face, killing him for a year until the next movie. The yellow rain slicker is from his character's flashback in Part 5. As for Jake's costume this week, it is a nod to Friday Part 2, where Jason is an adult for the first time, living in the woods, wearing flannel and a potato sack over his head. It never is explained how he is alive if it was death that set off his mother in the first film. But such is Hollywood. Keep your eyes peeled for this years awesome Friday the 13th box set that collects 1-8 with all the lost deleted scenes and interviews with cast (including everyone's favorite Goonie, Corey Feldman).