Bored & Evil comic for October 14, 2005


To be frank I haven't had much that was interesting to say, hence the no posting in the news. Work's been busy, busy with the comic.
I find it absolutely astounding how quickly the holiday season seems to have sprung upon us again. It seems like only yesterday that we were putting the Christmas tree away and now it's damn near Halloween again. Sheesh. The only plus is that the holiday season means the release of good movies (and this year that includes Harry Potter 4).
As you can tell I still have not a lot that is interesting to update with here.
Today features the debut of the new character, the mummy girl Emma Ho Tep. Partly a play on Im Ho Tep of the Mummy films and partly a nod to my baby niece, Emma (who is going as an adorable Care Bear for Halloween this year). And with Halloween coming, remember to be safe when trick or treating. If you get suspicious unwrapped candy be sure to give it to the Salvation Army and lower income families. They are more likely to try it anyway. Just kidding.