Bored & Evil comic for May 13, 2009

"Back From Philadelphia..."

Hey, guys, sorry about the lack of updates. My mind really has been on other things. I just got back from a two day trip to Philadelphia. Drover up there early yesterday morning and got back today at about seven pm. What was going on in Philly? Well as you may or may not know, my real passion in life is the circus. I love the circus! My dream since I was nineteen was to be a clown for The Greatest Show On Earth. I came damn close to getting into Clown College, but sadly they closed it before I got to go. This after I spent almost a whole YEAR working for Ringling Bros.

Today at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Ringling Bros. had auditions for clowns. And you bet your sweet bippy I was there! Heck, I was the first one there! It was a crazy affair (but hey, what do you expect of clowns), and physically very demanding. At the end the lady running the auditions (Peggy Williams, first female RBBBC clown) said that she wanted a couple of people to stay behind and get some more info from. I was one of the ones asked to stay! Hopefully my past experience having toured with the show and knowing the lifestyle will be an asset to me and when it comes time to cast, I'll get close!