Mall Monkeys Comic - Blacktastic

Keith's Commentary

The all hailed Blacktastic comic. Throw in a racist joke and everyone loves it. Unfortunately, based on the success of this comic, we continued to make racist jokes until it was overdone and we were accused of being racists. The fact remains now and until present day, that none of us gave a fuck and we were trying to use shock/offensive humor.

This comic establishes that, that dude is Fakeem's bitch. I thought the contrast of the badass gangster and geeky white kid's friendship would be worth a few laughs. That character became so useless as time went on that I don't even remember his name. I think it's Brian or something.

I think the most important part of this comic that most people didn't get was the fact that "Blacktastic" is ragging on the fact that it has become "cool to be black" and you got all these white boys trying to play it off like they're some kind of gangster. The second most important thing that was commonly missed was the basketball in Fakeem's hand for no apparent reason.

This comic was inspired by the Clerks Cartoon episode where Randall and Dante go to court.