Mall Monkeys Comic - Flashings

Keith's Commentary

We had this little vote button that, when you put your mouse over it, Missy would flash you her bra. If you clicked the link then moused-over 10 times, there would be no bra when she lifted her shirt. One person realized this and blabbed it all over the forums and there was this big old stupid-ass drama about it, because other comics were like "OMG MALLMONKEYS USES BREASTS AS A INCENTIVE TO VOTE" and all trying to get us off the Top Web Comics. We had gotten really high on the list really at that point, so the community turned on us. That's aight, we tried to stay above that shit as much as possible.

Eric's Commentary

This is less of a commentary and more of an explanation. See, in the early days of MM, there was a flash voting applet (flash the program) where missy would flash you (lift up her shirt) if you moused over her. Clicking on it would make you vote for MM. So, read the comic again. Get it? ISN'T IT HILARIOUS NOW!? OH, TEH IRONIES! Right, uh. If you want to see these flash applets they are on the cool stuff page. (they aren't really that cool.)