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Keith's Commentary

We take a swing at Pupkin. Not even a swing, just a cameo. A parody. Pupkin was another comic that often gave us crap for one reason or another. Most people hated it. I thought it was alright. I stopped liking it once the dude threatened to sue us, though. This was our first of many lawsuit threats. I think this was resolved when I wrote the dude reasonably lengthy email explaining professionally that he had no case, then a bunch of shit talking.

Rob's Commentary

This comic brings back many memories to me. There was a time when Mall Monkeys rivaled on the Top Web Comics list with a rather boring comic entitled ''Pupkin''. Pupkin, the endearingly ill-executed main character, is seen in panel 4 as a carnivorous beast. Bobby Crosby, the creator of Pupkin, really disliked us for a long time after this comic. This makes Mall Monkeys the Andrew Dice Clay of webcomics, I suppose.