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A Gripe

So first, the obvious: I love my Kindle. I've had a Kindle since last Christmas and I love it, I take it with me nearly everywhere. It's really expanded the amount I read, I read the entire 12 or so book Sookie Stackhouse series, all four Odd Thomas books plus about 10 others.
Now, the gripe. Amazon, who I've very rarely had any gripe with, hasn't released the new Wheel of Time book (Towers of Midnight) on the Kindle yet. Having waded through the first 12 or 13 mammoth sized books of the series I was eagerly awaiting this, the second to last. And no Kindle release. I mean really? They release everything else! Every new novel by every new never-been-heard-of author. Every e-book about underwater basket weaving. Every dumb bodice-ripping romance novel. So why not the book I'm waiting for? I'm convinced it's a ploy by the publishers to get the hardcore fans to run out and dish out a ton more to buy the hardcover before released the relatively cheaper Kindle edition. And while I'm normally not so critical of cheap moneymaking ploys (hey, we all gots to get paid) in this case I am. Shame on you Amazon. A pox on your house.