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So I'm going to be at my first Anime USA this weekend with Steve (from Dueling Analogs) and Richard (from nothing). While I look forward to seeing a couple people I know I'm sure this con will be very similar to all the other anime cons I have been to. So here's a list of things I KNOW I will see:
– Many Badge Guy- Yes, one of the things you will always see is the old guy (usually with longish graying hair and 80's eyeglasses) who has a t-shirt with some sort of airbrushed animal on it (usually eagle or wolf) and every badge to every con he has ever been to (usually 30 plus) pinned to his jacket or bag.
– Hug Guy- Usually a high school kid. This is one of the many ultra-shy introverted guys who populate America's high schools. But he has been transformed by what he perceives as a social event (but what is ACTUALLY an anime themed flea market) and has worked up JUST enough courage to make a tiny handwritten sign that says 'Free Hugs'.
– Look At Me Girl- This is the most common. These are girls who primary attraction to anime is that it allows them to dress up in costumes and have their friends take pictures of them. They aren't there to buy things, they aren't even really there to watch anime. They are there to show off their costume, have their picture taken and chase their annoying friends all over the convention center.
– Hidden Artist- These are people who have spent a lot of time filling sketchbooks with their art. They walk around the convention (usually alone) with a giant sketchbook and often a bag full of expensive art supplies. They get near somebody who is an artist (or in my case a guy watching an artist's table), pull out the pad and then immediately flee in the opposite direction.
– Parents- These are the most fun. These are the parents of many of the attendees (anime conventions are like 80-90% attended by high school kids). They wander around (either alone or with their kids) looking at attendees and exhibitors as if they were glowing three headed armadillos. The looks on their faces range from confusion to amusement to outright horror. It's great.