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Something I Don't Like

Yeah, I know. Big surprise right? But it struck me today just how annoyed I am by 'Two and a Half Men'.
The first thing that bothers me is the kid. He was creepy when he was little (and that frightening opening song didn't help) and as he gets older he just gets more and more off putting. Like if I wanted a room full of people to leave I would put that kid in there.
The second thing is the simple characters. The characters are just one-note. Charlie is a womanizer, Allen is an anal-retentive type… We get it! Do something interesting!
And the worst thing, the WORST THING, is getting rid of Melanie Lynskey as Rose. She was the only good character on that show. But then again, the show sucks to start with.
So why is it worth my time to complain about it? Because I cant @#$%ing get away from it! It's on like every channel! Gah! Jon Cryer, how far you've fallen since Pretty In Pink…