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Feeling Bad

Another list. It's frickin' list week!
So here's my top 5 favorite super-villains.
5) Magneto- Sometimes he's a hero, sometimes a villain, but what makes him great (besides his bitchin' helmet) is the fact that he does what he does because he thinks he is right. He's as much a victim as a villain.
4) The Monarch- He manages to make me laugh and still be slightly menacing. But really, it's the voice that gets me.
3) Doctor Doom- He's the Man In The Iron Mask with a mean streak. Not only is he a master of science and magic but he has his own country. Beat that, Dinosaur Neil!
2) The Red Skull- Not only is he a Nazi but he has an awesome red skull for a face! Without the excuse of insanity that so many villains have, The Red Skull stands as an example of how just being a despicable human being can make you a great villain.
1) The Joker- He's funny, he's ruthless and he's completely insane. What I like best about him is that he is the yin to Batman's yang. Almost as if one cannot exist without the other.