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Why I Sometimes Cry At Movies

I'll admit it. I am moved to near tears sometimes at the movies. It doesn't bother and in fact it serves me as a great indicator that I'm watching a great movie. I don't remember all the movies that made me tear up, but I remember the first. 'Philadelphia'. Stupid Tom Hanks is such a good actor he made me nearly bawl. I thought it was a fluke. Until I became 100% a 12 year old girl when I saw 'Titanic'. When Jack died I nearly lost it. As it was I was tearing up so much that the credits were blurry and my then girlfriend could probably tell, especially since for the next six months whenever I heard the Celine Dion (insert snicker here) song that accompanied that movie I got this look on my face like I just watched a puppy die from leukemia. And I generally disdain Celine Dion as much, if not more, than most people.
I think the reason I get this response is the same reason that 'Arachnaphobia' and 'The Others' and 'The Blair Witch Project' scared the life out of me. I get absorbed in movies. Not just the stories, not just caring about the characters, but the atmosphere, the combination of visuals, music and story that makes me EXTREMELY vulnerable to emotional manipulation.
Two more recent examples. I went to see 'Up' on a first date. I thought it was a good move as it was a Pixar movie and they make quality movies. Except that the beginning of the movie was SO sad that I nearly collapsed into a weeping pile of humanity on the floor. Love that movie.
And the most recent, the one that inspired the writing of this blog, was the new Harry Potter movie. I love the movie, it's the best in the series thus far but the one little moment at the beginning with Hermione and her parents (I wont ENTIRELY ruin it) had me tearing up. It was just a beautiful and sad little scene.