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I was reading through one of my Savage Dragon books today and I got to thinking about indy comics and some of the characters I love. So here are my top 5 favorite non-Marvel, non-DC characters. This is leaving out titles from Marvel and DC imprints (which forces me to not list great characters like Kick-Ass, Preacher, Spider Jerusalem and Elijah Snow).
5.- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Ah, the Ninja Turtles. The success story of the indy comics scene began as just a cool, weird comic.
4.- Invincible- The other great series by 'The Walking Dead' genius Robert Kirkman
3.- Christian Walker (from Powers)- A detective working superhero cases. But more than that really…
2.- Judge Dredd- A great character from across the pond. Really the face of a whole 1980's-90's underground comics movement.
1.- The Savage Dragon- Erik Larsen's Dragon makes me laugh but more importantly he pays homage to the entire history of comics while Larsen proves month-in and out what makes comics fun.