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Today I was thinking about Seth Myers, the SNL cast member who recently hosted the White House Correspondent's Dinner. He's a decent Weekend Update anchor (though I preferred him with Amy Poehler) and reportedly a huge comic book fan (which makes him A-OK in my book). But seeing as how Weekend Update is the only bit that has been on every episode of SNL for the last century (or so it seems), I thought I would rundown the best WU anchors ever.
5) Chevy Chase- The original. The guy was a genius in the spot.
4) Colin Quinn- Got a bad rap. But Quinn's style of humor played well into the Weekend Update. Very underrated.
3) Dennis Miller- His whole act seems to be a Weekend Update turned up to 15 on the dial.
2) Norm MacDonald- And here was the conflict. My #2 and #1 are soooo close. To this day, I love Norm MacDonald in the way that female liberal arts majors love Emile Bronte.
1) Kevin Nealon- Nealon wins only by virtue of how strange his update would get sometimes. Nealon had good delivery but he shined when he would veer into more abstract areas. And to this very day, I giggle when thinking about how Ike Turner (played by Tim Meadows) made Nealon his new Tina.