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It's very late so this will be short. Everyone make sure to get out and vote today.
And in honor of Election Day I'm going to list my top 5 favorite actors to play the American president:
5. Morgan Freeman (in Deep Impact)- To be honest, I'd enjoy Morgan Freeman doing anything. Even playing Scissors in a Paper, Rock and Scissors movie.
4. Leslie Nielsen (in Scary Movie 3)- The last really funny thing I saw Nielsen do. It made me laugh until my belly button fell off.
3. Jack Nicholson (in Mars Attacks)- Oddly enough this performance ranks number three on my top five favorite Jack Nicholson performances
2. James Cromwell (in Clear and Present Danger)- Just played a real creep. Very enjoyable to watch him face off against my #1…
1. Harrison Ford (in Air Force One)- GET OFF MY PLANE! (punch!)