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Weird Blog Idea

As many people who know are aware, I loved the new Star Trek movie. I think the casting was dead on and the style was great. And I love the idea of rebooting the original cast and watching future movies revisit classic concepts. So for today's blog, I figured I'd list a few of these concepts I'd love to see updated.
Obviously the first is "Space Seed"- The episode that introduced Khan Noonien Singh, the gentically engineered tyrant frozen and revived to antagonize Kirk. This led to the great "Star Trek II"
Klingons- we saw virtually nothing of them in the new movie and a full-length reimagining would really make for good cinema. Maybe bring back classic characters like Kor, Kang or Koloth…
Trelane- This was an uber-powerful pre-Q like character that viewed the Enterprise crew as his playthings. Could be brilliant with the right actor as Trelane.
Pon Farr- The Vulcan mating drive that drove Spock crazy. This way you could play off the young Spock/young Kirk antagonism.