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Piggybacking on yesterday's blog about shows I miss, I figured today I'd list a couple properties that would make GREAT new series. You know, great shows we will NEVER see.
PREACHER- A great comic series about a hardcore preacher who can literally use the Word of God to make people do what he says. It would be a road show featuring Jesse Custer (the preacher), his ex-girlfriend and his vampire best friend on the run from the terrifying Saint of Killers.
FABLES- The story of Fabletown, where all the Fables you have ever heard of live (in the middle of New York City even). Fabletown is run by Old King Cole and Snow White and it's sheriff is Bigby Wolf (the big bad wolf). Throw in excellent characters like Rose Red, Prince Charming and Pinocchio and you have the potential for one of the greatest ensemble shows ever.
BRPD- If you've seen the Hellboy movies you know the BRPD, a secret government agency charged with facing down the dangerous and paranormal. The BRPD comic series has been very good and if you turned it into an ensemble show with a rotating cast you could really make a groundbreaking show, even if you don't use Hellboy himself. You still have pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, fishman Abe Sapien and pulp hero Lobster Johnson to work with. Trust me, it would rock so hard you would need a new TV every week.