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Three Shows

I have no idea what to blog about now. So I'm going to talk about three TV shows that I really miss.
LOST- I miss this show most of all. While it made sense for the creators to guarantee themselves an ending by calling it a day after six seasons, the show left me wishing for more. More Sawyer and Juliet. More Hurley in charge of the island. And more Charlotte. Great job guys! Kill the hot English redhead!
HEROES- True. Heroes may not have had the same momentum that it started out with. But these were great characters and there were still many, many things you could have done with this show. Primarily I will miss Masi Oka. And the Claire's lesbian roommate.
ANGEL- A show cut down in it's prime. The ongoing tale of the vampire with a soul had hid it's creative stride with arguably it's best season. They added the brilliant James Marsters to the cast and ripped our hearts to shreds with the death of Fred before the network ended the show. A sixth season could have been the greatest thing television has ever seen.
Sorry for the short update. Tune in tomorrow for a brand new comic and blog!