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I was thinking today about comic projects that never got made into movies. That were in development and got cancelled. Here are a couple I wish had happened.
– Supermax- Green Arrow trapped in a super-villain prison.
– Captain Marvel- With The Rock rumored to play villainous Black Adam
– X-Men Origins: Magneto- An origin film delving into the past of Magneto. It's been replaced by X-Men:First Class.
– Justice League of America- It nearly got made.
– Blade III- It was supposed to be Blade as a survivor as the world has been over run by vampires. Instead we got Blade:Trinity. Which sucked (despite some Ryan Reynolds wittiness and Jessica Biel hotness).
– Teen Titans animated film- It was supposed to be an adaptation of the 'Judas Contract' storyline. Which kicked 97 flavors of ass.
– The Flash- It was rumored that Ryan Reynolds was going to be The Flash. Instead, he's Green Lantern. So that's actually better in my opinion.